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Winx’s first foal – “I’m buying the horse,” American thoroughbred owner John Stewart

Winx’s first foal – “I’m buying the horse,” American thoroughbred owner John Stewart

Juggernaut American thoroughbred owner John Stewart has doubled down on buying Winx’s first foal later today saying he is ‘100 per cent’ purchasing the filly.

Speaking on FanDuel TV’s coverage from Keeneland on Monday morning (AEST), Stewart, who earlier said he would pay $9m for the Pierro yearling, recommitted to purchasing the horse and keeping her in Australia.

“I’m buying the horse,” he said defiantly.



“I’ve got two of the syndicates that have reached out and want to partner with me on it, we want to keep the horse in Australia, just like I want to keep the good bloodlines here (USA), Winx is a phenomenal creature and has done great things, I think for that horse to leave Australia is just terrible.

“I just think it would be totally wrong to take that horse outside of Australia.


“We know the international bidders are going to be going after her because of the bloodline, and so my plan is to buy it and to keep it there in Australia, race it, then breed her, and if we get some good progeny out of her maybe bring one of those back (to the USA).

“Eventually I want to have a big presence there as well, this is kind of my way of introducing myself to the Australian people.”


Stewart is throwing a party at his Kentucky home to watch the filly go through the ring and said all are welcome to join the festivities.

“We’re having a big party back at my place so if anybody wants to come by just text me,” he said.

“We’re going to have a watch party as we buy Winx tonight, the Winx filly, 100 per cent buying the Winx filly.”