Weir’s alleged betting activity

Weir’s alleged betting activity

Suspected betting activity from Darren Weir has been alleged with the use of ‘bowler’ accounts sparking the interest of investigators.

The Herald-Sun on Saturday night released figures that are the result of analysis between Victoria Police and racing authorities.

The analysis was reported from 2001 to 2019 with 80 races in particular under close scrutiny.

Weir’s average bet size through his own account was $845, but it is alleged to be more than $1800 through other accounts.

‘Bowler’ accounts are those in which the named owner of the account places bets for other people.

In one account the named owner’s average bet-size were between $1 and $5, but Weir is suspected of placing a bet of $4600 each-way. In another, average bets were between $50 and $100 with Weir suspected of placing much larger wagers.

One bet published by the Herald-Sun related to last year’s Australian Guineas. Weir allegedly used a bowler to place $9200 on Peaceful State.

Backed from $11 into $8.50 in official prices, Peaceful State finished a half-length second to Grunt in the race in which Weir also had the $4.60 favourite Cliff’s Edge, who finished seventh.

The report suggests Weir was prone to targeting horses at least four runs into their preparation or when blinkers were applied.

Weir, who earlier this year was disqualified for four years following the discovery of jiggers at his Ballarat stable, is due in court on February 14 to counts of cruelty against racehorses, possession of a firearm and conspiracy to defraud RV stewards.