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Walker: “It’s good to be back”

Walker: “It’s good to be back”

Michael Walker knows he will be sore in the morning – but it’s going to be the good type or sore, rather than what he has endured over the past nine months.

The Group-1 winner had his first day back in the saddle at Cranbourne on Monday after suffering significant leg injuries and rupturing his ACL in a fall at Pakenham in May last year.

Walker rode some light work for trainers Mick Price and Michael Kent Jnr and told he was thrilled to be back doing what he loves.

“I feel really, really good. I did four (horses), just slow trot and canters,” Walker said.




“I’m very lucky and very fortunate they (Price and Kent Jnr) put me on the nice and quiet ones. My body felt good.

“But you don’t realise – you can do all the gym work to strengthen your body – until you actually get on a horse, how many muscles you use.

“I felt good, but I realised how weak you still are (after a long layoff). But I’m not the type of person to sit back (I’ll work hard).

“I’m pretty tired, but it’s a good tired.”



Walker, who was hopeful of returning to race riding in April, said he would be working hard on his fitness before his return.

“There were some nerves from Ben Allen who had to leg me on. I thought he was going to use one had, but he had to take a second grab and use two,” Walker chuckled.

“I wasn’t as springy as I used to be. I’m a good 10kg heavier than when he last legged me on a horse.

“He was going: ‘cuz, oh my god. You’re a little fatty, man’.



“I jumped on the scales after trackwork and I’m 65kg, so I’m getting there. I just want to get my weight down without having to sweat too much. If I can get it to 60kg without the usual jockey routine, I’ll be laughing.

“It’ll fall off me now I’m back doing trackwork. So I want to come back and be ripped.

“I want to have strong, toned muscle. So when the fat comes off I’ll be strong.”

Walked paid tribute to his medical and physio teams for getting him back riding.
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