Upcoming MRC Elections

Upcoming MRC Elections

Today the MRC Members will receive voting emails for the upcoming MRC Elections.

There are 2 elections to vote on, the MAG (Mornington Raceclub Advisory Committee) and the MRC Committee.

Shanyn Puddy, who most know as a very passionate racehorse owner and race goer is hoping to get elected to the (MAG) MORNINGTON Advisory Group.

Shanyn is also a partner is Dream Thoroughbreds and through that experience and her support of Mornington based trainers Ash & Amy Yargi, and Anthony & Sam Freedman, wants to provide a better racing experience for members and owners.

Shanyn feels that being involved at a Committee/Advisory level will enable her to present new ideas and suggestions to the existing MRC board, which is currently the most dynamic raceclub committee in Victoria.

“I love the joy and social interaction that race clubs and ownership brings to people and the friendships it creates. My focus will be to bring more people into racing, and to watch them fall in love with this amazing sport, as we all have. I believe that my enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion will enhance the experience for all MRC members”

There are 3 vacant positions on the MAG, with 5 candidates up for election.
“I would love to have all your support for the MAG election, with a vote towards SHANYN PUDDY, along with 2 other candidates that support our views Tim Guille & Nick Hassett.
Both men are seeking re-election and I support that”.

If Shanyn is successful, she believes that she can provide more raceday benefits for all our racegoers, and all owners in general will benefit from these improvements.

In addition to the MAG (Mornington Raceclub Advisory Committee) vote, members have received an email overnight from the MRC for their Committee Elections.

There are 2 positions available and 3 candidates up for election.

KELLEY HAGENAUER is seeking election to the MRC committee for the first time.

“MRC is a raceclub we have experienced a lot of success at in the past, so we are passionate about the committee that run it, and who continue to support the DREAM brand.

We would like to support KELLEY HAGENAUER , along with MATT CAIN for the 2 vacant positions, so we ask that are MRC members please vote for these 2 people as well”.

Voting is quick and easy via the electronic voting system emailed to you all by the MRC.