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Thoroughbred Racing Marketing Kit 2022

Thoroughbred Racing Marketing Kit 2022




Access to our 120,000 email subscribers

Over the last 2 months we have paid an expert to clean out our database from 157,000, taking out the unsubscribed, soft and hard bounces and unopened, leaving us with a strong database of 120,000 engaged subscribers.



Our server has the capacity to send out unlimited emails per month, we reserve the right to restrict this to 120,000 emails per month, not including horse updates.
*All emails are scrutinised by sophisticated spam software to eliminate words or phrases identified as spam. This avoids emails being rejected or going into the spam folder, (essential if sending to Gmail and Hotmail addresses), and protects your email rating.



Your ads in our featured news stories
(Read by up to 3000 per day)
Gold Package
– 3 (Min) x ads per week,





Exposure to our TRC Members through your horses updates which can include your latest news or share offers.




  • 4 x Newsletters out to our 120,000 Email Subscribers
  • The use of our Bulk Email Server and Spam Software
  • Access to all of Thoroughbred Racing advertising resources including,
  • 3 x ads A Week Ads in our daily feature News Stories
  • Unlimited classifieds in our classified section
  • 4 x  Website feature stories promoting your stable
  • 4 x Sponsored Campaigns with access to all our horse racing Facebook pages and exposure to our 46,000+ Followers,
  • Invitation to become a part of the Thoroughbred Racing Club and advertise to our members
  • Advertising access to our 5600 LinkedIn followers
  • Advertising exposure to our affiliates and partners including:

Ambassador Travel,

Kidswest and

National Jockeys Trust


*Excusive To A Total Of 5  Trainers/Syndicators A Year in Vic