Thoroughbred Racing Club

About TRC

TRC does not sell shares in Racehorses. The Thoroughbred Racing Club is a membership club where members enjoy updates on the club horses they follow, racedays, stable visits, group tours to yearling sales and racing carnivals, special members days at Raceclubs and social events.

We are continually adding new horses to follow to our club in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA so all our members can experience the whole owner’s experience without the big commitment of buying a share in a racehorse.

TRC Goes Country

Starting in November, as well as our regular city racedays, we will have racedays for our members at Newcastle, Gosford and Kembla, (to add to our Hawkesbury Members day in September).
We look forward to doing the same in Victoria as soon as restrictions lift.


Want More Information?


See The Thoroughbred Racing Facebook Page,  TRC Horses Page, TRC Events Page OR Our Website Page