ThoroughBred Racing

Terms and Conditions


This document contains key information about the Thoroughbred Racing Club.
This document may be amended from time to time at the total discretion of the Director.
The club does not give advice or recommendations to our Members.



1.1. The purpose of the Club is to engage in the activity of horse racing. Specifically, the Club exists in order to offer the experience of thoroughbred racing participation to its members.



2.1. Membership applicants must complete and submit the Club’s Membership Application Form. The Membership Application Form requires that applicants have read the Terms and Conditions of Membership
2.2. At the time of application, Members must be 18 years of age or over
2.3. The Club reserves the right to reject any membership application in its absolute discretion and without the provision of its reasons. Any funds paid by an applicant who has never been accepted as a club member will be refunded without delay.
2.4. The Club reserves the right to expel a Member. The expelled member will receive a refund on the remaining portion of their membership.

2.5. Members

In order to become a Member, applicants must complete the Membership Application Form and pay an annual fee of $299. In order to remain a Member, members are required to pay an annual subscription fee of $299, paid as a lump sum. All amounts include GST.



3.1. The membership benefits are strictly of a non-financial nature. The Club will not distribute dividends to Members and Members will not hold a financial interest in the Club or its property.
3.2. The membership benefits include, but are not limited to:
3.2.1. Race-day participation;
3.2.2. Members Only Events;
3.2.3. Stable and track-work visits;
3.2.4. Getting to know trainers, horses and other members through members events;
3.2.5. Weekly communications from the Club;
3.3. The Club reserves the right to charge a ticket price for attendance at special events where the Club is required to pay a third-party (e.g. a function centre or race-club).



4.1. The Company will provide to the Members full disclosure of any interest, whether financial or otherwise, in any dealings it has, including through the actions of its Directors and employees, that may be considered a conflict of interest.



5.1. Complaints must be made in writing to the Complaints Officer at
5.2. Complaints will be attended to no later than 10 days after receipt of the complaint.



6.1. In relation to membership of the Club and the services provided to members these Conditions of Membership apply to all members and they agree to be bound by them.
6.2. In relation to membership of the Club, and the provision of membership services:
6.2.1. The Club excludes all implied conditions and warranties, except those of which the exclusion would contravene any statute or cause any part of these Conditions of Membership to be void;
6.3. To fullest extent permitted by law, the Club will not be liable for any loss or damage (whether foreseeable or not) suffered by members or any other person acting on the Club’s advice, whether loss or damage arises in connection with the Club’s negligence, default or lack of care, any misrepresentation or any other cause;
6.4. To the extent that the Club cannot exclude its liability then the Club’s liability is limited, at the Club’s election, to either repaying to any members the membership fees paid or providing the relevant services to the member or members again.
6.5. The Club will not be liable for any failure or delay in providing any membership benefits.
6.6. The Club will have no liability for any loss to the extent that is caused by any member (for example through negligence or breach of contract) and members must also take reasonable steps to minimise any loss.
6.7. The Club and any of its officers, employees or agents are not liable for any loss or claim of any kind (including without limitation, consequential or economic loss or loss of profits, arising under or in connection with these terms, the Club’s services and any membership of the Club). To the extent this clause refers to a person who is not a party to these Rules, the Club holds the benefit of this clause on trust for those persons.



7.1. The Thoroughbred Racing Club is strictly a social club. Members will not be paid any winnings or prize-money for the horses the club follows nor will they contribute to the training or maintenance of the horses. The membership benefits are strictly of a non-financial nature. The Club will not distribute dividends to Members and Members will not hold a financial interest in the Club or its property.