Spy Cam “It has cost me my family, Just because I said no, I’ve been blacklisted”

Spy Cam “It has cost me my family, Just because I said no, I’ve been blacklisted”

Following on from Tuesday’s exclusive Racenet story where Michael Healy alleged he was approached to work as an informant for Racing Victoria stewards, the question was asked ‘why had it taken so long for him to speak out in full’, today he tells why.

Michael Healy is on a crusade for answers after claiming he has been thrown onto the scrapheap by Racing Victoria and his life destroyed directly as a result of turning down an offer to become a stable “spy”.

The former jockey was born in country Queensland and worked in the stables of TJ Smith and Peter and David Hayes before becoming a barrier attendant for Racing Victoria.

His life was firstly turned upside down when his leg was shattered in a mishap on Cranbourne Cup day.

After several knee operations, he was on Workcover but then his life was upended again when then Victorian chief steward Terry Bailey and integrity boss Dayle Brown took him out for a Chinese lunch in 2014.

Healy could have done with the work at the time but didn’t think it was right to accept an offer to gather information in Peter Moody’s stable and also, he claims, at Lloyd Williams’ Macedon Lodge facility.

After Healy rejected the offer out of hand, he alleges Racing Victoria wiped their hands of him despite supporting other barrier attendants who had suffered injuries and those who had substance abuse and other problems.


It has been a long and troubling process for Healy and until now he has been reluctant to speak out in full.

“Out of the blue Racing Victoria offered me this job (to be an informant) but when I turned it down they wiped their hands of me,” Healy told Racenet.

“Other barrier attendants who have been hurt have got taken onto light duties or employment in the office.

“But when I turned down their offer there was nothing for me, no work, not even light duties.

“It is a direct result of me saying ‘No, I don’t want to be a spy.’

“It has cost me and my family and been a nightmare. Just because I said no, I have been blacklisted.

“I have had to re-train myself (as a heavy truck driver) and I’ve done everything myself with no support from Racing Victoria.

“It has destroyed me and my family.”

Healy says he has repeatedly tried to get answers from Racing Victoria and will keep up the fight.

Racenet has sighted several emails Healy has sent to Racing Victoria and the responses to those emails.

In one email from Racing Victoria to Healy, dated November 14, an RV official refused to meet with Healy and discuss his situation.

In an earlier email from Healy to RV, Healy writes: “I felt like I was hung out to dry by Racing Victoria.

“This has caused unnecessary stress and angst within my family.

“The only role Racing Victoria offered me after my injury … was to act as an informant for RV’s integrity department. 

“Can you please explain why I was not offered any other role within the organisation that was appropriate based on my training, qualifications and experience?

“I truly feel like I was left to rot by RV.”