RV shoots down call to move Melbourne Cup

RV shoots down call to move Melbourne Cup

Racing Victoria chairman Brian Kruger has shut down Racing NSW chief executive Peter
V’Landys’ suggestion to change the date of the Melbourne Cup (Gr 1, 3200m), which has been
run on the first Tuesday of November every year 1875, to later in the month.

“The line out of that great movie, ‘Tell him he’s dreaming’, came to mind when I heard the comments,”
Kurger said.

“I don’t think the comments about us needing to move the Melbourne Cup to act
in the national interest have got any validity at all really. Changing the spring racing carnival in
total to make way for these new races, many of which haven’t even been run for the first time
yet, I just find quite fanciful. Peter’s pretty good at generating headlines, we saw it last year with
the potential for the (Everest) barrier draw and the Opera House sails.”


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  • Joy Thompson
    October 10, 2019

    The most idiotic thing I have heard anyone in racing EVER say !Who on earth does he think he is ?? It would be like changing Christmas and Australia Day !

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