Relieved Eden’s ban overturned by VCAT

Relieved Eden’s ban overturned by VCAT





A relived Shea Eden says he will pour more time into those that mean most to him after having a 15-month ban from training overturned by VCAT on Friday.

The Cranbourne trainer was banned by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board in March last year for allegedly stomach-tubing his mare Considering at Swan Hill in June 2018.

However, Eden, who has always professed his innocence, appealed the suspension and had been training under a stay of proceedings since.

His appeal was heard on January 30, but a decision was held over until Friday.

Eden had pleaded guilty to four charges during his RAD Board hearing in November 2018 but contested a charge under AR 64 G that he stomach-tubed Considering on the day of its race and also a charge under AR 175 (q) which deals with misconduct.

Speaking after hearing the news on Friday, Eden said the 20-month process had taken a huge toll.

“It’s a massive relief. It’s been a long 20 months,” Eden said.

“To go through those 20 months which we have, it sort of made me look at life in general. I am really going to focus on my family.

“My staff have been absolutely tremendous through this and I can’t forget them.

“This hasn’t just affected me, it’s affected a lot of people. My staff are in this as well, my family and my friends and my owners as well.

“My focus is going to be around them and we are giving them as much support as I can.”

Eden, who was pushing to move into the state’s top 20 trainers at the time of the ban, said he was still yet to decide which direction his stable would head in the future.

“We invested a lot of money and time (into training), as you do as a trainer that is trying to climb into a top 20 spot,” he said.

“We really wanted to invest heavily in young stock, which we did. We wanted to push to get that top 20.

“Getting the green light is massive for us and what we’ve been through.

“Whether or not we keep pushing towards growing our business or take a bit of a backwards step now and form a boutique set up (I’m not sure).

“I’ve got to be honest, I’ve lost a lot of business, a lot of horses and owners have left the stable because of it.

“I can’t be too upset or critical of those people. It’s not something as an owner you want to be facing.”

Racing Victoria said in a statement that it would take its time to review the decision. It has 28 days to appeal.