Peter V’Landys elected chairman of Australian Rugby League Commission

Peter V’Landys elected chairman of Australian Rugby League Commission

Racing NSW chairman Russell Balding has reassured the state’s participants that the ascension of chief executive Peter V’Landys
to the head of the Australian Rugby League Commission (ARL)  will not have a detrimental effect on the racing industry.
After months of speculation, V’Landys, who has been chief executive of Racing NSW
for the past 15 years, was confirmed yesterday as the new chairman of the ARL Commission,
replacing incumbent Peter Beattie.

V’landys, 57, will replace former Queensland Premier Beattie, who turns 68 in November,
from October 30 while continuing in his role with NSW racing’s governing body.
He joined the ARL Commission in March last year and his rise to the top job has been
swift, with many believing it was him who was instrumental in the National Rugby League
(NRL) brokering a new wagering deal with corporate bookmakers betting on the sport.

Balding told ANZ Bloodstock News yesterday that the Racing NSW board was supportive of
V’Landys taking on the chairmanship of the ARL Commission.

“People have got to realise that the chairman’s job is not a full-time job and you have got to let
management get on [with the day-to-day running of the sport],” Balding said.
“I am sure Peter is professional enough to clearly delineate between
the role of management and the role of the board as chairman. He is not
taking on two full-time jobs.

“He is chairing a commission that has already been established and
has got their agendas and strategies in place.”
In an ARL Commission statement, V’Landys was congratulated on his
appointment by his fellow board members and that he was excited about
taking on the figurehead role at the end of next month.

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