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Jamie Kah says she is a just a few weeks away from race riding

Jamie Kah says she is a just a few weeks away from race riding

Champion rider Jamie Kah says she is again feeling normal and could be just a few weeks away from race riding following her horror fall at Flemington in March.

In an exclusive interview with Channel 7, Kah told Hamish McLachlan that she had been back riding at trackwork this week on a restricted licence, but said she felt ‘100 per cent’ again after a long recovery from brain trauma.



“Confidence is back to normal,” she said. “I don’t feel unbalanced. I feel confident, I feel exactly like I used to.

“I feel 100 per cent. I just feel like I am back to myself and I feel like I’ve got a purpose again and that was really important.

“I’ve ridden a few horses and I just feel normal and really, really enjoying it even though it was in the pouring rain. But that’s fine.”

Kah was legged aboard a couple of horses trained by Mick Price and Michael Kent Jnr on Tuesday, before riding a few more at Mornington on Wednesday, and Melbourne’s leading rider was delighted to do so.

Kah said she has struggled with not being able to go racing over the past few weeks.

“At the start it was quite easy because I wasn’t right and I just slept and woke up every day and got through the days,” she said. “But the last few weeks have been really difficult because I know in myself, I feel normal.

“I feel back to myself but just not going to work and not riding horses, that has been the hardest part.

“I’ve been riding for about 12 years now and every morning you wake up with something to do, you have to ride trackwork and then go to the races and being at home not having a purpose has been driving me insane.

“The restricted trackwork licence means I can ride pretty much as much as I want at the moment but just try to look after myself. If I am tired, don’t go to work.

“I’ve got to do one more balance neuro test and when I pass that I can do jumpouts and races, so hopefully that’s only a few more weeks away but at the moment I am just happy to be back on the horse.

“I’ve been wanting to ride at the races every day, but I think (I need) a few more weeks. A bit of trackwork then I have to do some jumpouts and then hopefully it’s just a few more weeks away.”

Kah admits she has kept an eye on the Melbourne premiership totals, where she currently leads Blake Shinn by seven wins.

“I wasn’t watching racing, but I’ve been watching it every day for the last few weeks,” she said.

“I am seven in front still and I think there are about 11 metro meetings to go to the end of the season, so hopefully I can be back in a few weeks and notch up a few more wins to the tally because it’s something that is really important to me.

“I really want to win the premiership this year.”