Is Your Horse Running Its Race Before It Gets To The Barriers?

Is Your Horse Running Its Race Before It Gets To The Barriers?


It’s tough to win a race anywhere these days. If your horse is stressed it can run it’s race before it even gets to the barriers.

There are quite a few products on the market that claim to help your horse settle and be more relaxed in its  training and racing.

NervoMag is specifically developed to support racehorses and to help them cope with the high adrenaline environment. The manufacturer themselves being a vet whose family has been involved in breeding thoroughbreds and racing them for generations. 



NervoMag is used by many of Europe’s leading trainers who – knowing that stress and anxiety increase muscle tension and hence restrict the muscles’ ability to stretch to their full length and perform the optimum stride length – trust in NervoMag.

NervoMag is patented, all ingredients are of highest quality and carefully brought into the right ratio to achieve optimum utilization – and of course, NervoMag is absolutely free of any substances which would interfere with international doping regulations.



World champions are performing with NervoMag and other Sonovet’s BioCina products, so are european champions, Germany’s fastest horse, Germany’s top earning equine athlete, Derby champions and many many other horses whether on the professional circuit, race track or with trail – and pleasure riders. 

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