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Disqualified trainer Darren Weir could be back at the races as early as Tuesday

Disqualified trainer Darren Weir could be back at the races as early as Tuesday

Disqualified trainer Darren Weir could be back at the races as early as Tuesday, but his future as a licensed person remains in limbo.

Weir’s four-year disqualification by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board for possession of a jigger ends at midnight on February 6, meaning he is able to attend race meetings as a member of the public, but he remains the focus of an ongoing stewards’ inquiry.


The current inquiry was sparked in December 2022 after new video evidence was presented at the Warrnambool Magistrate’s Court, where Weir pleaded guilty and was fined $36,000 on three animal cruelty charges.

Racing Victoria confirmed on Friday that in light of the new evidence presented in court, it had ‘reactivated’ an existing inquiry into Weir, former trainer Jarrod McLean, former jockey William Hernan and former stablehand Tyson Kermond.

Weir’s original four-year ban was specifically in relation to a charge for possession only of an illegal electronic device.

In a statement on Friday, RV said: “As communicated in December, the stewards reactivated their existing inquiry into Weir, McLean, Kermond and Hernan after further evidence was presented in open court on 14 December.

“That process is ongoing, with the stewards to follow any line of inquiry they feel appropriate.

“We will have more to say about the inquiry in due course, however, we ask for patience as the necessary processes and procedures must be followed.”

RV confirmed that because Weir is a disqualified person, he must show cause as to why he should be relicensed into the future if he wishes to be.

“We don’t intend to provide a running commentary on whether Mr Weir is seeking to be relicensed or not,” the statement continued.

“If and when an application is made by a disqualified person seeking to be relicensed, it will be subjected to RV’s normal licensing procedures and considered by RV’s licensing panel and the (RV) Board, in accordance with its usual processes.

“As part of this process, a disqualified person is also required to show cause as to why they should be relicensed.

“This is a robust process that takes into account many factors, including whether the individual is considered suitable to hold a trainer’s licence in Victoria.”