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Brown all smiles in hospital

Brown all smiles in hospital

With Kate Watts

Group-1 winning jockey Ethan Brown is in ‘good spirits’ as he begins his recovery followingΒ last Saturday’s sickening fall at Flemington.

Brown was rushed to hospital and underwent a number of operations to control internal bleeding following the fall in the Australian Guineas.

But a picture shared by good friend and fellow jockey Ben Melham on Wednesday night shows Brown smiling and ready to begin his long road back to race riding.

Brown, with an eye mask on his forehead, was shown lying in his bed at Royal Melbourne hospital giving the camera a thumbs up.

“Our little mate is on the mend! Long road to recovery by in good spirits,” the picture’s caption wrote.

In a tweet Melham said:Β  “What a difference a few days can make! Good to see a cheesy grin on that face. Thanks to all the staff at Royal Melbourne Hospital.”

Melham’s partner and fellow jockey Jamie Kah was one of the riders who rushed to Brown’s bedside on Saturday night.

“I’ve been really close to (Brown’s partner) Celine (Gaudray) through the last few days. It’s been really tough on everyone involved,” Kah told on Wednesday.

“(Tuesday) was a really good day. He got woken up and said a few words. It’s really comforting now he is on the mend.

Kah said Brown was ‘one of the best people you’ll ever meet’.

“It was (a serious surgery). We were there on Saturday night when he went into surgery,” Kah said.

“He had his mum and Celine there for him. It was a very emotional time.

“It reminds everyone of what can happen out there. We send him all our love.

“He is such a talented rider, but more importantly one of the best people you’ll ever meet. It’s really, really positive he has woken up and is on the road to recovery.”