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BREAKING NEWS – Wagga Wagga: Horror as 500 horses found dead

BREAKING NEWS – Wagga Wagga: Horror as 500 horses found dead

The bodies of hundreds of horses have been unearthed on a rural property, sparking a major investigation by authorities.

More than 500 carcasses were found dumped in a dry creek bed on the property near Wagga Wagga in the NSW Riverina.



Some of the dead horses were dumped in numerous locations on the property, according to Wagga Wagga Council.

Some consisted of no more than skeletal remains, while others appeared to have been slaughtered more recently.

The council has launched an investigation in partnership with NSW Police and other state authorities.


‘Initially, the focus of the investigation was to confirm whether the carcasses had been left in the dry creek bed and possible offences under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act,’ council general manager Peter Thompson said.

‘Once the inspection of the property commenced, it became clear that the slaughtering of horses had been occurring for a long period of time’.

‘Numerous separate dumps of carcasses were discovered at locations throughout the property.

‘Once the extent of the operation had been identified, NSW Police and other state government agencies began collecting evidence for possible offences and regulatory actions under a range of NSW state government legislation.’

NSW Police confirmed it provided assistance to the council officers as part of the investigation.

‘All further inquiries should be directed to the council as the investigation continues,’ a spokeswoman said.