Boss Bombshell: Champion retires

Boss Bombshell: Champion retires


In a major shock, champion jockey Glen Boss is set to retire after Saturday’s Zipping Classic meeting at Caulfield.

The 52-year-old rider of 90 Group 1 winners across a glittering career has decided his ride on import Spanish Mission will bring down the curtain on his career.

The country Queenslander came to Sydney in 1995 and enjoyed instant feature-race success before his grand association with three-time (2003-05) Melbourne Cup winner Makybe Diva.


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The surprise announcement is certain to inject new interest into Saturday’s final feature meeting in Melbourne for the spring with Boss’ final ride aboard the Zipping Classic’s hot favourite.

β€œThis decision is something I have been mulling over for the past six months and particularly over the last two or three,” Boss told Ladbrokes’ Adam Hamilton.

β€œI’m one of those individuals who is always 100 per cent, chips in all the way, and I made a promise to myself more than a decade ago, because you know the end is coming, that if I got to the point in my riding career when I wasn’t fully committed and all the way in, then it was time to finish.

β€œWhat I mean by that is riding at the level that I have always wanted to be at and where I need to be at to compete with the guys around me. I just felt I was slipping a bit mentally. Physically I am at the absolute top of my game, but mentally I was slipping a bit and it really is a mental game.

β€œI felt it was the right time because I have so much energy and I want to put all that energy into something else and that’s what I am doing.”





Spanish Mission is a $1.50 favourite in the Zipping Classic, giving Boss a massive chance to finish his career a winner.

Boss, who has forged a career as one of racing’s showmen, said he will just “feel the moment” and then react to it in his final ride.

β€œWhatever comes out of me is just honesty, I don’t sit there and script stuff, I’m not intelligent enough for that. But I am looking forward to Saturday because I don’t know what is going to happen.

“Hopefully the horse gives me a great ride and we get a victory, that would be obviously the crowning moment, but if he doesn’t, as long as we both come home in one piece that would be excellent as well.

β€œI’m more excited about what comes after Saturday. Since I made the decision, I am sleeping well and I am waking up just knowing I have made the right call. I was very scared about making the decision, I was frightened, because I have been doing this since I was 15, and I’m now 52, so there is fear there of what lies beyond G Boss the jockey.”