Are You Naming a Rising 2YO?

Are You Naming a Rising 2YO?

Tara Madgwick – Friday July 26

One of our regular readers has hit a hurdle this week when attempting to name a rising two year-old and this issue is one that may well affect many owner breeders.

Mary Bray of Cinque Cavalli writes – As a long time racehorse breeder, owner and more recently trainer, I was bemused this week by Racing Australia’s response to my attempt to name a rising 2yo filly that I had bred.

As is often the case I had persuaded a few friends and relatives to come in with me to share the costs and joy, but my application to name the filly was not accepted as the names being proposed as new owners did not match the name (mine) on the foal ownership declaration.

I was given 2 choices:

1.Fill in a change of foal ownership form and submit it with my naming forms for an extra $55 (on top of the $110 for the naming)

2.Leave the filly just in my name then pay a further $110 later to change the ownership of the (then) named horse.

Now to me this seems absurd.

The filly is NOT having her ownership changed as a foal.

Surely the process should just include the standard signed declaration from the outgoing owner(s). (I sent one in but without the authority for the $55 fee ).

A straw poll via Facebook brought forward many outraged trainers complaining about the new arrangements, but most were under a time constraint to get the papers through. This will be affecting everyone who names a horse that was born in Australia unless they keep it in the original ownership.

So, my application is on hold while I work out if this is a fair practice, or potentially an illegal fee for no service?

Would be very interested to get comments, particularly from Racing Australia, as to everyone’s thoughts.

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  • Aaron peterson
    July 27, 2019

    What’s a load of rubbish ! RA yet again taking an easy task and turning into in a hard one with multiple avenues to go through for them to make more money and do no work for it ! If the didn’t bring the foal ownership declaration form in this problem wouldn’t happen

  • Stephen Watts
    July 27, 2019

    Very smart to make it $55 without GST – gets the full fright while seemingly charging GST ($50 plus 10%). Not providing a “service” so legally with in bounds!

  • Ronnie Cameron
    July 27, 2019

    Just another money grab. And more red tape that doesn’t need to be there especially for small breeders.

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