Brett Scott Video Interview

Brett Scott Video Interview

Brett Scott is happy to be back home after more than a month in hospital following being kicked in the head by a horse last month. “I am just trying to get back in the swing of things and get my head working right again. I have been home five days, so I am definitely improving,” the Mornington trainer told SENTrack. Scott said he suffered a brain bleed as a result of the incident, which affected his speech and memory.

“A horse kicked me in the left side of my head and basically knocked me out stone cold,” he said. “I ended up with a few brain issues with a bit of bleeding in the lower part of my brain and that caused a lot of problems. The left side affected my speech and the right side affected my memory. It has just been something I have been trying to get back and those first few weeks I was in another place and had no idea what they (doctors) were asking me. Thankfully I am improving, and that is all I can hope for.”


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